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FAQ:  Pain - Gum and Mouth

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Sore Gums: My gums slough off when the dentist examines or cleans my teeth.

After each cleaning I experience severe gum pain. Epsom salt seldom helps. The dentist suggested rinsing with milk of magnesium, which worked initially.

Now, several months later, my gums have become extremely painful after eating crunchy salad. Nothing seems to relieve the pain which is below the removable bridge line.

I need something to heal the gums. I am a senior with a thyroid condition. Last year I was checked by a peridontist who found nothing wrong. ...Visitor from NY

Gums Sloughing Off
From the description, one might visualize that the gums lose the surface skin after each cleaning. However, your gums could be infected and you may have gum disease.

The description of sloughing may actually be infected tissue that has the texture of jello and should have the texture of an orange peal.

When eating crunchy foods or getting your teeth cleaned, you have pain because the infected tissue is traumatized. You need a definitive diagnosis of the actual condition of your gums to know why you are having the problems.

Editorial Staff

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