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FAQ:  Pain - Gum and Mouth

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Gum Pain and Pus: My gums hurt alot. Sometimes, when I push on my gums that are swollen in some spots, pus comes out. What can I do to stop this? ...Visitor from PA

What you are describing is one of the various stages of Periodontal or Gum Disease. Gum disease or bacterial infection under your gums causes supporting bone loss, sore red puffy gums, bad breath and loosening of the teeth. Plus this all happens, over time, without pain.

Periodontal bone loss can start in your teens. Once you lose bone support around your teeth it does not grow back. Another detrimental effect of untreated periodontal gum disease is the bacteria can get into your bloodstream,and cause systemic disease which can play a role in heart, blood vessel and diabetic problems to name a few.

My advice would be to read about Periodontal or Gum disease on this website. Make an appointment to see a Periodontist and undergo an evaluation. The doctor can help you make your gums healthy again. This disease is known as the Silent Bone Killer... so be sure to make that appointment.

Editorial Staff

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