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Front teeth and gum pain I have been having front teeth and front gum pain for two years now. Have been to the dentist and also a Periodontist had work done. The pain sensitivity is still there.

I have always been a mouth breather. Always have water with me. Tried lots of over the counter aids nothing works. Hate to talk it is an effort when this happens.

Just the air hitting my front teeth is painful. I find myself sucking in my mouth - there is lot of tension in my mouth area. I am 44 yrs old. ...Visitor from CA

Sensitivity in the teeth can come from many reasons. Most often it is due to the exposure of the Dentin (the inner hard part of the tooth).

This can be exposed by cavities or by receded gums and the loss of the outer root material called cementum. Oftentimes having the tooth filled for cavities or using a desensitizing toothpaste with potassium nitrate will help for the latter.

One other reason for teeth sensitivity is due to teeth clenching and teeth grinding habits. This will cause a hypersensitivity to the teeth due to the continuous stimulation of the tooth's nerve. The nerve is always being triggered to fire and tell the other nerves that there is a stimulus, as the neurotransmitters get used up the message becomes one of pain instead of pressure.

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