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FAQ:  Pain - Gum and Mouth

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The only dental pain I have ever had is from my molars. At the begining of Febuary just one of my lower frot teeth started huting really bad. I took pain medicine but nothing happend. Then i noticed a bump on my gums next to a tooth that wasn't huting on the bottom. A week later all my front lower teeth were hurting.

I saw a dentist and he couldn't find anything wrong. He said my teeth look healthy in the x-rays. He put me on antibiotics but it didn't help. A couple days later my lower gums swelled up really bad and were really red. Salt water and mouthwash weren't helping. My jaws and cheekbones would hurt while I slept.

A couple weeks later after feeling a little better I had an appointment with a different dentist. He said my gums were just swollen and the bump on my gums will go away with salt water. He precribed me Chlorhexidine Gluconate oral rince. Now its been 2 weeks since i saw the last dentist. Ive been using the oral rince, brushing 3 times a day and flossing 2 times a day but nothing is helping.

Now my top teeth are hurting and top gums are swollen real bad. The bump on my gum is still there and doesn't hurt but I'm really worried about whats going on with my mouth. I'm only 22. Are dentures in my future if this doen't go away. Is there any advise on what i should do untill I go see the dentist in 6 months. Everyone thinks this pain is all in my head. ...Visitor from OH

What you're describing is too vague for an answer. You need to have proper x-rays and evaluation done. See a periodontist (gum specialist) and an endodontist (root canal specialist) for more answers. Something is causing your problem, you just need to find the answer.

Editorial Staff

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