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FAQ:  Pain - Gum and Mouth

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I've had this sharp pain in the in my gum (top) on left about 6 tooth back in the crack area where the floss goes in to clean between the two teeth for over 4 years.

I've been to two dentists, one said he didn't know, and could not find anything. The other gave me a prescription for some expensive sinus clearing medicine. Didn't work.

I can't even think about cleaning with floss and if I accidentally bite down too hard, it hurts bad. Whenever I do ease some floss between the teeth, and remove it I've been smelling it to see if it was deteriorating or something? But no foul scent.

It hurts like hell, but I can't afford to keep jumping from chair to chair with wrong or no diagnosis. ...Visitor from South Dakota

Is the pain only there when you touch it or does it occur spontaneously? Is the pain like an electrical shock? From the brief description it could be a few things.

It could be that some of the root is exposed and the floss touches the inner hard material call dentin which has tubes that lead down to the nerve. The concern with the pain coming from biting leads to a possible tooth fracture.

Due to the bone holding the tooth together there may not be any x-ray evidence so it may be misdiagnosed. There may also be a sinus problem in which case you may want to see an ENT doctor.

Editorial Staff

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