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First let me explain my whole situation. I got a root canal on one of my front bottom teeth 3 years ago. They never put a crown on so it has chipped over the last couple years. Obviously the infection spread to my four front bottom teeth.

They told me I needed two canals. So first they drilled a hole in each tooth and sent me home with a temporary filling. It fell out and I got an infection. I came back and they gave me some Penicillin. It still hurt severely a couple days later so I came in for my root canal early.

Now the pain is a little better but now my lip is really swollen and there is an infection on my gums next to my tooth. It looks like it might be filled with pus. Is this something that I need to go in for or will rinsing with salt water help. ...Visitor from CA

I would advise you to see your dentist if the swelling has increased even on antibiotics. You could have a resistance to the Penicillin and it may not be effective on your infection.

Better to be safe than sorry. You might need to have this area drained to let the infection out. I wish you luck

Editorial Staff

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