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I had a root extracted by specialist. The post was put in by my regular dentist 1 month later. Three days after the tooth was completed I was feeling pain. It felt like a heart beat in the tooth that had the root canal.

Two days after that I was back at the endos office and he put me on an antibiotic and a pain killer as the pain seems to be traveling under all my teeth on the left back where the new root canal is. I have been on the medication for 1 week now with no change.

The pain under the teeth goes from bad to worse and there were a few times when the pain quieted down to practically nothing. What do think might be the problem or problems might be? ...Visitor from NJ

Depending upon the situation, root canal treated teeth can take some time to heal as there may be infection in the bone under the roots which has to resolve. This would be the best scenario.

Of course there could be other teeth involoved or sinus infection or swelling which is complicating the diagnosis. There are times when a tooth root could become fractured by root canal therapy or post placement, a possible risk of this treatment.

Hopefully things calm down completely; complete the antibiotic prescription. If you're still uncomfortable perhaps you should seek a second opinion.

Editorial Staff
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