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Hi there. About 8 months ago I had a strange pressure in the lower-front portion of my gums. My lower 2 wisdom teeth were impacted and removed along with my other wisdom teeth six months ago. I waited for 2 months to see if the pressure would go away.

It's not a really painful pressure but a REALLY REALLY annoying one that keeps getting worse. I asked my dentist and doctor and they told me to get a deep cleaning of my teeth. I did and it didn't help the pressure go away. 3 months ago the pressure from my lower gums and mouth started traveling up to the upper gums and even right behind my nose.

I am getting really scared for I don't know when the pressure will DECREASED. I also find that when I press down on my teeth the pressure increases, and on my left hand between my thumb and index finger I get muscle spasms a lot now. The pressure is starting to turn into pain on my other parts of my body.

Please tell me what I can do! This is a nightmare because my dentist and doctor are clueless. Visitor from CA

I can obviously only make guesses about what is going in here with the problem you describe so I'll give it a try. I am assuming you have had a complete dental examination inclusive of a full set of x-rays and a panograph to show your jaw. You were told that you needed periodontal treatment ("deep cleaning") so this tells me that someone has seen signs of disease in your gums and bone.

You have said that this treatment was done. Did you see a gum specialist for this? Did you have your whole mouth treated, or just the lower arches? I would be looking and trying to eliminate all possible problems dentally, then I would look medically (metabolically).

1. Try to isolate the area of pain. Is there a sign of pending gum infection (bleeding or swelling or buildup on the roots).

2. Do the teeth feel loose or painful while chewing. If so, this could be a gum problem and a bite problem where you are clenching and grinding your teeth?

3. Are any teeth shifting or moving apart from each other? If so, this could be a sign of a bone growth and must be looked at.

4. Are there any other teeth with decay or problems?

5. If nothing above looks obvious, I would ask about your diet and make sure you are taking multi vitamins especially Vit. C and co-enzyme Q.

My gut feeling from what you have said: You are experiencing the "nagging ache" many patients have with gum infection and you will probably benefit from a more thourogh treatment with a periodontal specialist and continued gum cleanings every 3 months for at least a year. You may even need some antibiotic treatment for gum infection but this is up to the periodontist and your dentist.

Over the weekend, you can start the vitamins, and really clean your teeth with floss and a soft tooth brush. I am a real big fan of the Sonicare tooth brush since I see how well it works for my patients. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the treatment you may have had is all you need. This may be incorrect and often, my patients need multiple visits to get gum disease on the healing side (assuming again that this is your problem). Hope I have helped

Editorial Staff

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