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FAQ:  Bisphosphonate Jawbone Osteonecrosis

Bisphosphonate Jawbone Necrosis Ask The Dentist Chris McFarland Question:
Cancer and Osteoporosis Meds: I had thyroid cancer surgery about 9 months ago and RAI therapy treatment in 6 months ago.

Starting about 2 months after that, for 3 days I felt like my front teeth upper/lower were in "a vice". Dull pressure, no sensitivity to hot or cold, no loose teeth.

I went to my dentist (of 30 yrs), a primary care doctor, an ENT surgeon and a neurologist - no relief with antibiotic so rule out infection, no sinus issue.

It has lessened in pressure since then but it is constant. My dentist xrayed my teeth and said I didn't need to see an oral surgeon.

I had taken osteoporosis meds for over 6 yrs and stopped about 18 months ago. I would appreciate any advice. ... Visitor from NJ

Sorry you are having these issues. The cancer is enough to be thinking about without another distraction.

I'm afraid I don't have any great ideas here. I would first check with the physician that gave you the radiation to see if anyone has ever complained of similiar symptoms.

Any chance that the radiation could have caused some nerve damage which is manifesting as a pressure sensation?

I would tend to agree with your dentist that an oral surgeon doesn't have much to offer at this point. With them keeping a close eye on the teeth, I'd look for a systemic cause.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Christopher McFarland, DMD
Atlanta Prosthodontist - Periodontist
2530 Lawrenceville Highway
Decatur - Duluth - Atlanta, GA
(770) 492-0256

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