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FAQ:  Bisphosphonate Jawbone Osteonecrosis

Bisphosphonate Jawbone Necrosis Ask The Dentist Marie Schweinebraten Question:
Tissue Grafting and Boniva: I take Boniva for bone-regeneration.

My periodontist recommends suspending monthly Boniva for three months when I have the tissue graft.

Is this a common happening? ... Visitor from FL

Taking medication for osteoporosis must be taken into consideration when treating periodontal disease.

This type of drug remains in your system for an extended period of time....months and even years. Going off the medication for a short time will help, and in this case, risk of complications is greatly reduced since the treatment is a tissue graft procedure and normally does not involve exposing bone or treating the bone directly.

Depending on your history, including the length of time you have taken Boniva, it is not unusual for your periodontist to recommend suspending it for a short time.

In some instances, depending also on the type of graft to be done, some periodontists may not recommend stopping the medication. But bottom line is yes, this is not unusual.

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