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FAQ:  Bisphosphonate Jawbone Osteonecrosis

Bisphosphonate Jawbone Necrosis Ask The Dentist Marie Schweinebraten Question:
Fosamax: Visitors to this website should be aware of the dangers of taking Fosamax and the problems it causes concerning deterioration of the jaw bone.

I have meticulously cared for my teeth and have not had recent dental work but the jaw bone is decaying above a biscuspid. Can this decaying bone be restored? ... Visitor from PA

Good question but one that is hard to answer with the information provided.

Is the bone loss related to localized periodontal diesease or is the loss due to a chronic gum irritation that won't heal?

How long has this problem been present and do you know you have bone loss because the tooth is loose?

If the bone loss is from a localized periodontal problem, then in most instance that can be addressed and the tooth stabilized. You would need to see a Periodontist for treatment details.

If however the bone loss is related to a side effect of Fosamax, then it would need to be treated in an entirely different manner. As a Periodontist myself, I would suggest you start with a complete periodontal examination including health history to get to the cause of your problem.

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