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Oral Appliance Hygiene Products

Hygiene Products for Retainers Mouthguards and Clear Braces

Most of the products listed here are available through a variety of distributors and retailers.

Violight Dental Spa

Reportedly the first device with combinations of technologies, the Violight product can be used for cleaning everyday items like dentures, retainers, bite-plates, sport mouthguards, invisible braces, and whitening trays.

It uses a combination of three state-of-the-art technologies:
  • Germicidal UV Light
  • High-Frequency Ultrasonic Power
  • Embedded NanoSilver (Antimicrobial Agent)
The Violight Dental Spa is battery operated, for portability and requires only plain tape water. A built automatic shutoff device operates at 5 minutes.

NanoSilver, a proven antimicrobial substance, is active against most pathogens, yeasts, fungi, mold and mildew. The material is embedded into the device for maximum protection.


A cleaning device that reportedly breaks down stubborn calculus on dental appliances, in about 15 minutes.

Best suited for dentures, retainers, partials and mouthguards.


An ultrasonic cleaner that can be used for a wide variety of dental appliances, including retainers, Invisalign Clear Aligners - Braces, dentures, partials, mouth guards and night guards (anti teeth clenching devices).

A stainless steel tub is featured in the construction, providing a servicability advantage possibly, over other products that are 100% plastic construction.

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