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FAQ:  Mini Dental Implants

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Mini implants vs standard implants: I am unable to locate any comparison information as to mini implants versus regular implants.

Is one proceedure better than the other? ...Visitor from FL

The success rate of dental implants depends very much on where the implants are placed and what they will be called upon to do.

The mini dental implant was designed and intended to be used for as a transitional or temporary implant fixture. I believe that it was in 2001 that the FDA approved the mini dental implant to be used beyond transitional use.

The mini dental implant can be used as an alternative to the contemporary dental implant as a quick and less expensive way to stabilize a lower denture.

The Osseo integrated (integrated into the bone) implant is the most widely accepted and successful dental implant. The contemporary wider dental implant is considered to be the standard of care in oral implantology.

I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a professional in your area that offers both contemporary and mini dental implants treatment solutions to discuss which approach would accomplish your dental goals.

Editorial Staff

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