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I have 2 mini implants in the lower gum for denture retention. How long is the healing process? This has been and still is very painful.

I feel like I have a gigantic toothache. There are only 2 implants, as my bone is deteriorating as well as my gums. I am 77 years old. The Doctor did not want to add any more implants because of the bone deterioration.

He said I could eat anything but hard candy or hard nuts, etc. But this continues to be painful. It has been 4 days. How long will this go on? ...Visitor from Silver City

Most dentists and prosthodontists would not recommend using only 2 mini implants. The minimum configuration is 4.

Two implants can be used, however, in some instances.... but the "standard sized" implants are used... along with "attachment locators" that enable a denture to be "snapped in" just like with mini's. Except they are better and do a better job of keeping the bone healthy.

There really is no "healing period" for mini implants if the bone is healthy. With standard implants, if the bone is a tiny bit weak, bone graft material is added to fortify the bone and may require 2-3 months healing.

Consider getting a consult with a Prosthodontist with at least 15 years experience. A prosthodontist is the best denture specialist there is... and finding one with lots and lots of experience will assure the greatest number of treatment possibilities available to you.

It is the experience of a dentist that determines the level of problem solving they have... NOT the training.

Editorial Staff

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