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I am 63 years old. I had dentures for 38 yrs. Had 4 mini implants done to secure my lower denture 6 months ago.

3 implants have now failed over the course of 6 months. My dentist now wants to replace only two mini's with a longer mini implant.

Can only 2 mini implants secure a lower denture? How long is the minimum healing time required before new mini's are put in? ...Visitor from Ontario

A primary cause of mini implant failures for many patients is the porosity of the bone, that tends to increase with age.

The physical properties of minimplants are "miniscule" compared to a traditional implant. Mini implants are an excellent solution for retaining dentures..... but when it comes to bone "stimulation"... rather than "conservation".... the stimulating qualities of a traditional implant far outstrip what a mini implant provides.

Mini's tend to preserve what is already "there."

Many dentists would not recommend additional mini implant treatments in view of what has already occurred. The "environment" for the failures has likely not changed.

While two traditional implants can be used (with locators) for many denture patients seeking the best retention and long term endurance.... two mini implants would likely be insufficient in your case.

Getting a consult with a dentist who "knows bone" and has the experience of using a wide array of implant devices would be a smart thing to do.

Consider getting a consult with a Prosthodontist, who can help you make the right treatment decision WITHOUT the threat or risk of retreatment.

Editorial Staff

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