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Mini Implants: I've had dentures since I was in my 20's. So as I'm now 63, I have bone loss in my lower jaw.

I'd like to have mini implants to hold the lower denture in place. A dentist I went to in Mexico tried to warn me off of them, wanting me to have the regular implants. 4 of them in the front only.

I really like the sound of the mini implants still. What is your opinion of them?

The most important question anyone can ask about implants is: How much bone is present and what is the quality of the bone? Mini implants are a wonderful service and we have had great success with them with the following situations:
  1. High quality dense bone.......so the implants with be very stable
  2. The dentures are excellent fitting already.......so the load of the bite is on the patient's tissues and not taken up by the implants
  3. There are enough mini implants........they must work as a group to be strong
  4. The patient is not able to have conventional implants..........medical history, financal reasons
  5. The mini implants have the great advantage to be able to be used right away
  6. The cost is lower then conventional implants
  7. The post operative discomfort is usually much lower
The existing denture must be excellent in all aspects.....bite, fit, look.

Conventional implants will probably last longer and designed correctly, offer greater support. When conventional implants are done with a bar connecting them, the denture has almost no movement.

Mini dental implants are not connectred together and have an O ring rubber attachment which allows for some movement of the denture but still give great stability.

We also do combination cases. The mini for immediate loading and then a conventional implant for what some would think, a longer lasting implant.

To make a good decision, you must talk to a dentist that has experience in placing both, IMTECs and conventional implants.

Editorial Staff

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