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Mini Implants Ask The Dentist Ara Nazarian Question:
Denture Implants: I've been wearing upper dentures for about 10 years now.

My problem is gum diease and the use of the dentures I have now. I have noticed the shrinkage of my gum tissue and am wondering in time what will hold them in place?

I don't want to use any adhesives, but considering my gum and bone, if you don't have enough bone what is the alternative? Can a new palate or bone matter be put in place to hold the denture implants? ...Visitor from DE

Bone will continue to deteriorate unless you get implants.

Dental implants not only will maintain the bone, they will keep your dentures or bridges in place.

Depending on the bone remaining, you may or may not need bone grafting. In the upper arch (maxilla), we can place bone material in that region to support implants.

Also, we have hybrid dental implants that are deeply threaded to compress bone as it is placed for a stronger hold into the jaw. These work extremely well for thos patients who may not want to undergo grafting.

A Nazarian, DDS

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