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Mini Implants Ask The Dentist Corinne Scalzitti Question:
Mini Implants for existing Dentures? I just got upper dentures two days ago.

My smile is beautiful but they feel awful in my mouth. My question is, can the dentures I have be used if I get the mini implants?

The dentures were pricey and I would hate to throw them out. .... Visitor from TX

First, give the denture a chance.

If you had your teeth extracted at the same time you received the denture, it is not meant to fit well at first. This is because the laboratory uses your models of your teeth and removes the teeth on the model.

When the dentist performs the surgery, the remaining bone may not be the same as the lab guessed it would be. I do a soft reline inside immediate dentures to make them feel comfortable and replace this for about 6 months until the bone heals and remolds and then do a hard reline inside the denture.

About mini-dental implants. The best use for these implants is in the lower front area. In our practice we usually use 4 implants to secure a lower denture. This works very well and can be retrofitted in a denture as long as it is the correct vertical dimension (how far your mouth opens when the teeth bite together).

Upper mini-dental implants are more difficult, especially with women because the bone is not as dense as on the lower jaw. But an upper denture should have plenty of bone and tissue to hold onto and may be able to fit and stay in well without implants. Dentists can also do implants under an upper denture with locators which attach to the denture.

Go back to your dentist and explain exactly what seems to be wrong with your denture and give him a while to work with it. Also, chewing is different with dentures that natural teeth.

Corinne Scalzitti, DMD, MAGD

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