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Mini Implants Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Repeated mini implant failures: I had mini implants put in 8 weeks ago.

4 on the bottom and 6 on the top. The three on the left side of the mouth on top healed just fine and are stable. The three on the right side were still mobile after 6 weeks so the dentist replaced those with three more and removed the first ones.

Now after a week the new ones are loose again and his only answer is to take them out and let the bone heal for three months.

That is not a very satisfactory answer for me. Do you have any suggestions. .... Visitor from OR

This is a good question. First of all, while mini-implants are approved for long term use and they can be a wonderful treatment option they are not the only treatment option.

I don't know if you are or were a smoker, if you grind your teeth, if your previous dental work was lost due to fracture indicating you have high force factors in your mouth but if you have lost mini implants that were stable when placed, it is probably from an increased force on these implants.

I am sure your dentist relined or remade your denture before the mini-implant surgery, if not you may have rocking in the denture that lead to overload of the mini-implants. You should discuss traditional implants with your dentist.

The use of wider diameter implants can give greater stability, support, and allow the implants to heal under the skin and integrate before hooking them up to your denture.

In my practice, mini-implants are only used when people can't afford traditional implants or if the lack of bone would necessitate extensive grafting that the patient is unwilling or unable to go through.

Sometimes these compromises can lead to compromised results. So what your dentist said is true. You should wait and allow the bone to heal for 4 months.

You should discuss using traditional implants even if sinus grafting or ridge augmentation is necessary as this will provide you with the more ideal site preparation and a more favorable sized implant for someone with parafunctional habits, like tooth grinding or someone with higher forces in their mouth.

Lastly, while we as dentists try to perform services to improve the lives of our patients you must realize sometimes things don't work. Heart surgeries can fail, opened coronary vessels can become blocked 6 months after balloon surgeries and the best treatment is if we didn't have to do any treatment to begin with!

So we can't offer guarantees for healthcare, just perform a service with the best care, skill and judgement we have to offer. If it fails, we need to involve our patients to look together for alternative solutions. I encourage you to work with your dentist to explore other options for your success. Best of luck

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