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Mini implants for Full Upper Denture: I have a full upper denture that is approximately 6 months old. Cosmetically it is fine but unless I use paste or powder to secure it.

It will not stay in place while eating. If all conditions are right can mini implants be used to secure and hold a full upper denture and can the part of the denture that covers the pallet be removed?

The pallet covering is the most objectional part of wearing this denture. A local dentist says he does not do mini implants for upper dentures. ...Visitor from FL

If you have recently had your teeth extracted and are wearing a maxillary denture for the first time, it can be uncomfortable and hard to get used to.

To answer your question, yes you can have a few dental implants placed on either side of your upper jaw to be able to snap in your maxillay denture. The denture can even be designed with the palate (roof of the mouth area) cut out for better tactile feel and taste improvement of the foods and drinks you take in.

If your bone is sound, you can even have enough titanium implants placed to support a fixed dental bridge that does not come out. The added benefit of even a few dental implants to support and upper or lower full denture is that the implants will act like natural tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone so it does not resorb and wear away over the years as with regular dentures.

Once all the top or bottom teeth are removed and dentures are placed, the jawbone resorbes and shrinks away approximatley 20-25% over the first year of wearing the dentures. Then as the years go by a little more bone resorbs away each year by pressure necrosis of the plastic/acrylic denture bases riding the jawbone ridges.

The standard of care in the USA as of 2006 is to place at least 2 dental implants to retain especially a lower denture to help keep it from moving and popping out, and to save the jawbone from wearing away over the years from the pressure of the plastic denture sitting on the ridge.

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