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FAQ:  Mexico Dentistry

Painful Crowns from Mexico Dentist: I just got 12 new crowns put on my upper teeth a week ago in Mexico.

I know I took the risk in going to a foreign country to do this, but I had heard and seen great results from different sources. The experience took only 1 week from prep to final cementing.

My teeth were super sensitive at the time of cementing, I don't think I have been through anything so painful. It has been a week,and I get pain that is similar to a toothache.

I get deep pain in my jaw all the way from the hinges of my jaw to where my 4 front teeth start, twice a day. There is also cold sensitivity.

I only had 1 appointment to get adjustments. What is the cause; nerve trauma, bite, poor tooth prep? Next step in Canada? ... Visitor from Canada

Your teeth may have been overprepped. Normal placement of crowns should be free of ANY pain or discomfort.

Your treatment experience highlights the importance of having the benefit of using temporary restorations that are "used" by the patient AND the dentist to develop "the perfect crown(s) that feel great and look great.

Most accomplished dentists in the USA (and probably Canada) would NEVER recommend getting multiple crown treatments without the use of temporaries.

The jaw pain you are experiencing suggests you have an unbalanced bite... which may be easy to treat. Get a consult with a Prosthodontist to learn of any options for rebalancing your bite.

Editorial Staff

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