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FAQ:  Tongue Lip and Cheek Biting

Biting inside lip: I'm 57 years old. A tooth broke from the top row about 3 months ago. I can feel that the roots are still there by putting my tongue in the space where the tooth was.

Recently while chewing a piece of gum I bit my lower lip, then today while eating lunch I bit the inside of my cheek. I have another tooth missing on top but didn't have the biting problem until losing the most recent one.

Do you think the teeth are shifting and do you think getting a plate or implants will correct the problem? ... Visitor from Philadelphia

It sounds more probable that your bite has changed that has caused a shift of the biting and chewing surfaces of your remaining teeth.

Biting of the lip, tongue and cheeks also frequently occurs when new teeth treatments have been completed (new crowns, bridge, denture, etc) which eventually disappears as one's mouth adjusts to the presence of new restorations.

In your case, simple treatments of the damaged teeth may be sufficient to get things back to normal again. Whether or not some of your teeth have shifted can only be determined by an oral exam.

Although getting a plate or implants may be a treatment option, it may not be necessary. Get a consult with a Prosthodontist. They are the "masters" of the adult bite.

Editorial Staff

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