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FAQ:  Gum Disease Laser - LANAP

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LANAP Procedure Ask The Dentist Corinne Scalzitti
My concern is for lower front teeth that are moving or slanting forward and are no longer aligned with my other lower front teeth.

The periodontist said that I needed LANAP to treat periodontal disease. I believe him. But will the LANAP treatment cause the lower teeth to become more mobile and then I will need to have them replaced?

I don't want to loosen the bottom teeth right after the LANAP procedure. I realize the long term solution is that the teeth may tighten up but I fear losing them before that happens.

In the past, after scaling and planing was done, my teeth became more mobile. I'd like to know what to expect before the procedure is done. ...Visitor from FL

While nobody can guarantee results, I have found LANAP to be close to a miracle with dealing with loose teeth.

It will depend upon how loose your teeth are and how much support they have. The PerioLase machine is patented and FDA approved to form a new epithelial connection to the tooth and to regrow bone.

I would advise you to listen to the experience of your periodontist who is actually seeing you and your condition.

Corinne Scalzitti, DMD, MAGD

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