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FAQ:  Jaw Pain

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Jaw pain, worse than natural childbirth: My pain has worsened over the past few months. Even since my front teeth were capped due to thining and mechanical wear.

I had temporaries for 11 weeks before the new ones came in. I thought they were okay, although longer and protrude more than the natural ones.

I don't think bruxism is bad at night, because I drool, and assume that I wouldn't if I were clinched, but I know I do all day.

Headache kicks in about an hour after I wake, with tinnitus, and a drawing sensation in the facial muscles at times. They recently dislocated for 2 days.

My dentist doesn't deal with jaw problems. ...Visitor from NE

You need to find a dentist who understands occlusion.

Watch the videos we have in the Neuromuscular Section of the video library. Then, find some dentists (not just one) who have access to these technologies so you can get the definitive diagnosis and treatment you are looking for.

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