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FAQ:  Jaw Pain

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I was kicked by a horse last November in the chin, and it fractured my jaw in six places. There was a plastic surgeon there that fixed my jaw with what I call plates on both sides of my face at the jaw joint and two plates holding my chin together.

I also hit my head on both sides, and my right ear has always hurt. My jaw healed but now my jaw doesn't open all the way, and I am in constant pain, nothing seems to help. My dentist sent me to an oral surgeon to have some teeth pulled and the oral surgeon is also a maxofacial surgoen. He sent me to physical therapy but my jaw isn't going to open anymore. He was going to do surgery but I said no because he thought he might not be able to get my jaw open any further and he might paralize my face.

Sometime between the two doctors my chin moved a little to the left and the plate on the left side of my face is bent inward. Now I am getting a second opinion from a TMJ/oral and maxofacial surgeon to see if he can help. I am just tring to figure out if I am going to have to live with this pain the rest of my life.

I am only 29 years old It is getting to the point now where I don't even want to eat because it hurts to much. My regular doctor put me on Lexapro and Robaxin, but it doesn't really help. The second surgoen is sending me to get and MRI done. He is not sure that surgery will help get rid of the pain.

I just don't know what to do anymore. They are also going to pull all my top teeth and put full dentures and partial dentures on the bottom, but before they do that I need to find out if they need to re-break my jaw to fix it again, in hopes that this will get rid of the pain. ...Visitor from CO

Stick with specialists that deal with TMJ and functional jaw treatment. Partials, dentures, extractions can make your condition worse, if not properly done. Your problem is most likely TMJ related!

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