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FAQ:  Jaw Pain

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Jaw - Condoloyd Process: My condyles are deteriorating.

On my right side the bone has deteriorated about an inch. I have been wearing a night gaurd for about a month but have started to have really bad ear aches and headaches.

Is this being caused by my bite or is it somthing else? ...Visitor from CA

Condyles Deteriorating

First Possibility - You are saying that you have lost an inch of bone. How do you know? Was Tomography taken? Did someone say it or has this been positively diagnosed?

If you really have lost that much bone you should see a specialist as you may have a medical problem that is contributing to your bone loss. If you loose bone at the condyle, you will loss bone elsewhere also.

Second Possibility - It may feel like you lost that much bone but in reality, you didn't. Now it is a matter of diagnosing your condition and your individual issues in order to accomplish a proper treatment plan to achieve a comfortable result.

Have the nightguard checked and inform your treating dentist about your jaws after wearing the nightguard.

Editorial Staff

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