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FAQ:  Jaw Pain

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Jaw Pain after 4 Extractions: A 15yr old with a swollen cheek and jaw pain for a year now. She had 4 adult teeth pulled all at 1 time in order to start on braces.

Afterwards the swelling on her right cheek did not go away. She can also hear "click" sounds only on her right side jaw when she moves her jaw. Her dentist did an xray and said that the teeth and everything looks fine. Her swollen cheek wasn't there before, it happened after her teeth had been pulled.

I was wondering if the teeth pulling could have injured her cheeks or something else causing her swolling and pain near her back end of her cheek by the ear area. Is there any way to make the pain or swollen go away. ...Visitor from CA

Swelling is usually an indication of infection or abnormality, if obviously apparent.

You should consult with an oral surgeon to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. Considering that you hear popping and clicking in the joints the problem most likely consists of a derangement within the jaw joint itself.

Pulling (extracting) teeth may make matters worse because it can lead to unnecessary pressure on the joint...as you take out teeth the jaws can get displaced backwards which causes stress on the disc within the joint. This can lead to many symptoms listed in our library, including but not limited to some of the problems you are explaining.

Editorial Staff

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