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FAQ:  Jaw Pain

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I am wearing braces and for several months now I am suffering from jaw pain especially in the morning when i open my mouth. It all started when my lower premolars on both sides had been extracted and they slowly started moving to close the gaps in between.

I told my dentist about it and she said just put on hot and cold compress for 30 minutes a day, the pain is just due to a stress in the teeth. I doubt though that that was the reason why my jaw hurts. I'm thinking that this could be more than just stress she was talking about. Then I tried to search the internet and found out that jaw pain can be caused by bad bite.

Is the pain in my jaw maybe caused by the extraction of teeth? Is it possible that the pain will be gone once my teeth has been corrected? Will the pain in my jaw be gone as a result of my teeth being corrected? ...Visitor from Yigo, Guam

While the teeth are being moved through the bone there is pressure which is on the teeth and the bone. This pressure may cause a lot of discomfort. Also the muscles that move the jaw are getting used to a new bite and have to move differently due to the change in the bite and the pain in the teeth and bone.

Often this change in the muscle pattern will cause a dull achey feeling in the cheek and temporal area due to the overuse of the massater and temporalis muscle. This discomfort is normal and most often will subside after the teeth are finished moving and the braces come off.

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