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FAQ:  Jaw Pain

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Raised bite and mouthguards: I have had my bite raised about 3 years ago by a denstist who filled all of my lower teeth by a few mm as he said my bite needs to be raised. He also gave me some plastic mouthgauards for top and bottom teeth which I wear soemtimes.

Now I am feeling a little sore in the jaw sometimes, I feel pain and discomfort. I have also had headaches sometimes. My teeth are bending inward and my mouth is very small. Could this joint pain be because of the raised bite? Or the mouthguards?

What should I do for short term relief and long term? Should I go to an orthodontist and use something like invisalign? I am 36 years old. ...Visitor from London, England

Raising the bite is often done for many different reasons. Often it is done because the teeth have been ground down and are now too short. Some doctors feel that building up the bite can help with T-M joint pain. Often the concern is that when the muscles get used to the new higher bite they fall back into the habit that they had before and the pain returns.

If the pain is in the joint itself which may be felt as an earache then this is usually caused by inflammation in the joint. You should be seen by a dentist. If the biteplate is hurting.. try to not wear it and see if that will help. Also if you can take NSAID (aspirin, vioxx, motrin, etc) for the joint pain.

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