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FAQ:  Jaw Pain

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When I open my mouth I hear and feel the hinge of my jaw grinding loudly. If I sustain the opening for any length of time it will result in a tremendous ache starting in that region and then will eventually encompass my entire head.

Have I lost cartilage in joints of the jaw? Am I going to lose opening ability soon? What is going on and is there a way to curtail this seeming degeneration? ...Visitor from TX

Yes to all, I would recommend visiting our dental health forum for more aswers to your questions. A grinding sound is indicative of an advanced problem with your joints.

There is obviously little to no cartilage or fibrous tissue protection left. The next stage can be locked jaw, migraines, ear pain, neck aches, etc. If you need to locate a pain expert in your area you can try the AACFP.org website, however it is very difficult to find someone who can treat these problems properly.

Editorial Staff

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