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FAQ:  Jaw Popping

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Popping my jaw: When I was roughly about 7-8 years old my jaw felt really tight like a pressure build up, and I pushed it near my ear from side to side and it made a loud pop.

It was instant relief. I have done this everyday for over 20 yrs at least once a day. It does not hurt one bit. I have been told that I am constantly moving my jaw side to side when in deep thought trying to figure something out for work or whatever and I don't even realize it.

I do not do those types of drugs so its not from that, although some people assume that's why. I do notice that I move my jaw side to side when I feel like there is like a pressure build up feeling, and then I pop it.

Is this normal? Again there is no pain at all. ... Visitor from Texas

Popping your jaw is not considered a normal thing to do.

The jaw joint is a complex one in that it is a sliding hinge that is comprised of tough, but soft tissues. Damage to this joint is difficult if not impossible to repair.

It is surprising you have not had worsening symptoms. As you age it is likely your jaw joint will become loose. It would be smart to consult with a Prosthodontist or Oral Surgeon who have significant treatment backgrounds with jaw joint anomalies.

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

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