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FAQ:  Jaw Popping

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Jaw Popping, Ear Ache: I am 28 years old. Recently, I was chewing gum and using a qtip. The same day I noticed an ear ache and loud pop in jaw every time I chewed or bit down hard on my back left teeth.

I have a slight jaw ache and mild headaches, but am wondering if it's because I am aware of it now and "testing it". My jaw has not locked up and I am still able to open wide with no clicking. It's only when I bite down hard. It is becoming annoying.

This has been going on 4 days. I saw a dentist and had x-rays and he saw nothing wrong.

Would I benefit with a mouth guard from a local store or will this worsen the problem and can this go away eventually? Is TMJ considered even though I am able to open wide with no clicking/locking? ... Visitor from CA

Find an ACCOMPLISHED tmj dentist.

It appears your present dentist either doesn't understand the dynamics of mild TMJ dysfunction or is unable to diagnose it accurately.

If possible, find some dentists who have access to the technologies demonstrated in this video:

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