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FAQ:  Jaw Clicking

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I have been having jaw pain and clicking sounds coming from my jaw joints. I went snorkling a few weeks ago and now it seems to be worse.

I've always had jaw clicking and some occassional jaw pain and even soreness around my temple area (can sometimes even feel a tender bump there). I don't know what to do about this. My dentist just says give it some time ???? ... Visitor from CT

This is very common and not unusual after clenching on something for a while....the mouth piece.

We see this alot with people who grind their teeth at night. Sometimes your jaw is not having a problem and then you do something to "set it off".

There is a very simple appliance called an NTI that can be made that should help you very much. Do not get involved in something extensive right away. Your dentist is not wrong by saying wait but the NTI will help resolve this quickly.

Visit www.NTI-TSS.com it is a site that is quite extensive but explains the device.

Editorial Staff

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