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Jaw and bite issue: I experience frequent jaw tension, clicking and popping.

This seems to be happening more often these days due to headphone usage. I also notice my molars do not touch when I bite.

When trying to force connection I feel a consistent click on the right side. What type of specialist should I see to get this checked out?

Is a TMJ physical therapist the right direction or other? ... Visitor from Portland

TMJ dysfunction or jaw clicking noise is a common indicator of poor bite alignment.

Common wear and tear issues on teeth alone can cause this to occur, especially if common dental treatments have been avoided.
Extractions (or decay) of certain tooth structures, mostly in the molar-premolar areas can also cause the symptoms. In many cases, a poorly designed, single crown can be enough to "disturb" a normal bite.

TMJ specialists (if one can be found) are a good choice. It may be easier to locate a seasoned Prosthodontist (20+ years experience) for getting the best treatment. They are the "masters" of the adult bite.

Editorial Staff

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