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FAQ:  Jaw Clicking

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Jaw cracking - clicking: For about the last 4 years my jaw has clicked.

It started off as an oddity and progressed to being commonplace. It used to get locked before, but it no longer does. It does click over a hundred times a week.

I feel no pain but I do feel pressure and I feel like my jaw is tired and weak. I went to a dentist and he told me to put hot a hot compress on it, but that did nothing. I have impacted molars...could that be the cause? ... Visitor from NJ

For the length of time that this has been occurring this is a long term chonic problem.

You must have your occlusion (bite) evaluated and most likely an occlusal mouthguard or appliance of some type fabricated. Many general dentists and orthodontists do this type of treatment.

You may also find a dentist who specializes in or limits their practice to TMJ (treatment of the temporomandibular joint). This is the jaw joint that is clicking or popping in your specific instance.

The problem does appear to be related to your TMJ.

Editorial Staff
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