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FAQ:  Jaw Clicking

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TMJ? My jaw starting hurting almost 2 weeks ago and has progressively gotten worse.

When I bite down, my bite is off and I have a sharp pain in my ear. My jaws have always "clicked" my whole life. That is what led me to believe this problem may be associated with TMJ.

Should I go to a doctor to fix this problem, and if so which kind or will this fix itself? ... Visitor from CA

Here are some thoughts:

Could it go away by itself - sometimes we have pain in our jaws due to temporary stress factors that could be mental or physical or both. This type of pain can go away with time. The key would be that it is getting less each day.

Getting Worse - You should see a dentist for an evaluation. The dentist can sometimes make recommendations like eat a soft diet. Do not open your mouth wide. Do not chew gum. In other words, rest your jaws and don't do something to make things worse like eat a tough steak.

Always had Clicking - Clicking is a sign of some sort of derangement in the joint. Some people have clicking their whole life. They are stable and do not get worse. Others suddenly have problems as the clicking contributed to more complex symptoms and pain. You should see a dentist.

The problem does appear to be related to your TMJ.

Editorial Staff

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