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Invisalign Porcelain Veneer Treatment Combination

No Metal Braces for Me

Invisalign is known world over as the perfect choice for orthodontic treatment by those patients who simply don't want metal gadgetry in their mouths.

Patients with many different types of teeth straightening or alignment needs can get the functional and cosmetic good looks that come from having healthy teeth positioned the way they are supposed to be positioned.

No Metal Braces Please
Nice Smile .... But..
Treatment plans can be developed to address conditions of overbite, diasteams (tooth gaps), minor tooth rotations, flared teeth or bucked teeth.

Adult Cosmetic Orthodontics

Many patients discover after completing treatment that orthodontic straightening and alignment can actually accentuate unusual differences in tooth sizing, shapes of teeth and the shape of the smile line.

Rule of Golden Proportions

The Gold Rule concept, made popular on TV makeover shows and by Las Vegas Institute (LVI) refers to a set of mathematical principles that define or explains what Mother Nature's idea is of perfect teeth.

Precise mathematical relationships exist between each tooth and tooth type (anteriors, bicuspids, etc.) that form the perfect smile line. People who have it or see it recognize it as the Hollywood, most alluring smile.

Unfortunately, not many of us have it naturally. The patient pictured here felt the same way. She had nice teeth, very healthy... but it wasn't as nice as she wanted. She knew she had alignment issues, a sizing problem, minor rotations and uneven biting surfaces due to certain teeth.

The Invisalign Advantage

Traditional orthodontics was out of the question. Wearing metal was not appealing and the prospect (however slight) of calcification spots (require additional treatment) formed the basis of her decision to have Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign Da Vinci Celebrity Appeal
Nice becomes Text Book Perfect

Da Vinci Porcelain

No metal, no calcification issues, no prospects of gingival hyperplasia and the easy convenience of being able to assess changes in function and appearance that would influence her decision to include the use premium porcelain veneers by Da Vinci.

The veneer products were used to achieve changes that can't done with orthodontics alone. Resurfacing of tooth enamel, creating symmetrical sizing (width, height, buccal dimension) with custom shaped incisal edges were achieved with minimal tooth preparation resulting from the Invisalign treatment.

Treatment Combo Convenience

Invisalign and good quality veneers can enable discriminating patients to get exactly what they want with minimal concern for issues that can arise from traditional braces.

The crafting or designing of the final outcome is an ongoing process shared between the patient and dentist. Understandably, Invisalign and veneers is becoming a very popular treatment choice for patients seeking the classic makeover smile.

Editorial Staff

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