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FAQ:  Dental Inlays

Gold Inlay Substitute: Is there a good substitue for gold inlays? Mine has come loose twice and now I fear it has cracked. ... Visitor from OR

Assuming the original gold casting fit well to begin with, when your gold inlay came out the first time the tooth or the casting may not have been 100% cleaned prior to re-cementation. This would allow for a less accurate fit the second time around and therefore a reduced bond strength.

Additionally if a gold casting is tin plated-a process that can be done in the office taking two minutes-the bond strength is significantly improved. It is unlikely that your gold inlay or casting has cracked.

Without seeing it or your tooth everything is a guess. You may just be in the market for a new casting.

What holds the average inlay is an extremely well designed and precision preparation providing a design form to resist displacement and dislodgement. This is usually accomplished by frictional retention of near parallel walls to the preparation.

A well designed gold casting continues to be the undisputed quintessential restoration of choice in the absence of significant cosmetic considerations.

Editorial Staff

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