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FAQ:  Dental Implant Crowns

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Fit of dental implant crown between teeth: I had a gold molar crown put on a dental implant.

The crown touches the teeth on both sides but there is a gap on the bottom part of the crown between the front premolar so that food gets trapped. Dental floss moves too easily between the teeth and crown.

Dentist said she could remove the crown and have lab add more gold, shave the adjoining premolar pointed edge so there is more contact between the crown and that tooth.

Will shaving a few mm weaken the good premolar? Will taking off implant crown and regluing it back cause problems with the glue or gums or implant? Is it better to leave as is since I have no other problems than trapped food?

Or is it better to take care of this at no extra charge? ... Visitor from Santa Cruz

Technical errors should be corrected first, cosmetic second.

Removing and replacing a crown on a dental implant would be preferable to shaving healthy teeth, when the option exists.

Shaving enamel off of a tooth is routine for crowns and veneers, the revised surface is being "covered" with restorative material.

In your case, if the enamel is thin or worn there could be a slight risk of sensitivity.

Editorial Staff

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