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FAQ:  Dental Implant Crowns

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After Placement of Crowns onto Implants: 6 days ago I had my crowns placed on my dental implants (the Grand Finale of an 11 month procedure).

I can chew well on that side, but I've had gum tissue pain and inflammation. I have seen my implant dentist and he believes I have a "squeeze" and that he may have to do some gum tissue adjustments.

Is this common after the final step of placing the crowns onto the implants? My restorative dentist won't be back in town till next Tuesday. Is it okay to wait that long to do the "tissue adjustment"?

They are both excellent dentists in their respective fields, but I was wondering if it is common to have to do "adjustments" to the gum tissue after placing the crowns). ... Visitor from NC

Yes, the symptoms you report are not uncommon events for some implant dentists.

Your gum tissue can't be seen on the internet, so comment about the safety of "waiting" isn't possible. Try to avoid chewing with the affected teeth for a few days... you should be OK.

Don't be too aggressive with flossing. Water irrigation devices are great for implant patients..... that eliminates "abrasive flossing".

Investigate the WaterPik and HydroFloss devices. Videos of these are on the website

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