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FAQ:  Immediate Dentures

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New Immediate Denture: I had 11 upper teeth and one bottom tooth pulled and an upper immediate denture and a partial lower was placed.

I had severe up all night crying pain and went back for a post op appointment 24 hours later. My problem is that I had my upper and lower partial adjustment done and the top felt okay.

I am now getting cuts and sores on the upper inside of my mouth and sores on my cheek. I also cannot wear my lower partial due to pain and when I bite down it hurts so bad I want to cry.

At first, the lower would pop up when I bit down but now they hurt and I can't stand the pain so I dont wear them more than an hour a day. What can I do and is this normal? ... Visitor from ME

You did have a major dental procedure in your upper jaw. The remaining upper 11 teeth were extracted and an "immediate" denture was placed. There will be an adjustment period as the extraction sites and gums heal around those areas.

I am not sure how many teeth you have left in your bottom arch, so I cannot tell how much retention you have with your lower partial denture. In the bottom jaw you said you had only one tooth taken out, which should not cause too much of a problem with a new lower partial denture.

To help the healing process, you should be rinsing out your mouth 3-4 times a day with warm salt water. Your upper denture and lower partial denture should be out when these salt water rinses are done.

Although it is normal to have pain right after immediate dentures, it should go way and get better with time. However, if the denture and partial is sharp and cutting your gum or cheeks, you should see your dentist for adjustments and smoothing of the dental work.

In the upper jaw you will have healing and some shrinking. This is due to having all your teeth out and the reshaping of all the extraction spots in your upper jawbone. As the jaw tissues shrink a bit, the new upper immediate denture will get loose and not fit as well, or may not stay in as well.

This immediate denture can be relined a few times with a soft tissue conditioning liner, to help the tissues heal and adjust. It is best to have a final denture made after full healing of the upper jawbone, which is at about 6 months after the extractions.

The older immediate denture can receive a hard reline, by a dental lab, and be kept as a "spare" for the future.

If you are having real pain and cannot wear your new denture and partial, this is not normal. You need to go back and see your dentist to evaluate and adjust your new dental appliances.

Editorial Staff

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