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FAQ:  Immediate Dentures

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Immediate Dentures Ask The Dentist Richard Winter Question:
Face Distorted After Immediate Denture: I lost my upper teeth about 11 weeks ago and had an immediate denture placed.

My face has a bulge under my nose like a roll and I have a sunken ridge above my gum line with dimples where roots of canine teeth were. I look terrible.

My cosmetic dentist says ..oh well...you lost some bone. I expected to look like me. What has happened and what can be done. She permanently relined them 2 weeks ago and I felt it was too soon.

I miss my face. Any advice would be appreciated. She broke my crowns and bridges during replacement and I had to sacrifice all upper teeth as a result. I had hoped to look like myself again. I am very sad. ... Visitor from IN

Without seeing you in person, I can only offer advice not an answer. See your dentist, express all of your concerns and be patient with them.

Loss of teeth and bone is traumatic and dentistry is an art and a science. It isn't always possible to achieve a desired outcome immediately. We make immediate dentures and they are called "provisionals" as we want full healing before the standard or deluxe dentures are made.

We also call them learning dentures as we learn what to change, how to make faces and smiles appear more natural and we work to achieve it. The second set of dentures gives you the dignity to have a dentist craft the next set of dentures carefully while you never have to be without teeth!

Lastly, your dentist relined the dentures after 2 weeks because they didn't fit properly. Insurance companies won't usually even pay for a reline for 6 months. So these dentures are a stepping stone not a final, permanent solution.

You should also save up for implants so the remaining bone stays put. Dentures that move and slide contribute to severe bone loss in denture wearers. Implants prevent this bone loss. If your dentist doesn't help you, find one that does

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