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FAQ:  Immediate Dentures

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Exposed bone : Nine days ago, I had all of my teeth pulled, and immediate dentures placed.

The lowers are extremely painful, and it appears that bone is exposed. I can see layers, it looks shaved. This is right where the two front bottom teeth were. It is very sore and swollen, if it is even barely touched it bleeds.

Wearing the lowers is excruciating. Is this normal? How long does it normally take to heal? Also, when they are in, every time I move my mouth or lips, or try to stick out my tongue, they want to flop out! Help??? Visitor from California

Bone shaving is performed when there are high spots in the boney ridge which helps to assure the denture will "rest" normally without rocking or moving about.

Gum tissue is typically pulled away (aka Periodontal Flap) to expose the area that requires shaving. Afterwards, the Periodontal Flap is repositioned and sutured, along with any graft material that is deemed necessary.

The Flap surgery and tissue grafting is typically performed in a fashion that creates a height and width that matches the rest of the boney ridge that a denture rests on. Once healed, a good snug fit should exist.

Yet you report having a lower denture that falls out easily. Patient's with small mouths often report this issue. Denture products can be difficult to use with some patient groups.

Seemingly unresolvable loose denture issues are best managed through the use of dental implant products that do a great job of keeping a denture in place at all times, especially when eating or chewing.

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