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FAQ:  TMJ Neuromuscular Migraine Headaches

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Headache and pressure pain subsequent to fillings: I went to the dentist and had scaling done for the first time in ages, and seven cavities filled (all upper teeth). Every single day (including before the dental work), I feel intense pressure in my upper law, cheek bone and gums/teeth (only upper).

Its not pain - it's heavy pressure, like my face is constantly being squeezed. Most of the pain is located near my back upper teeth. I am getting tension headaches constantly from this pressure - what is this? ...Visitor from Alaska

It appears you have a neuromuscular event occuring, due possibly to the loss of tooth height in one or more teeth.

An unbalanced bite can create a variety of unusual symptoms that can extend into neck pain, migraine headaches, shoulder pain and abnormal jaw function.

Get a consult with a Neuromuscular Dentist (not easy to find) or a Prosthodontist with 15-20 years experience. Technologies are available to assess unbalanced bites.

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