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FAQ:  TMJ Neuromuscular Migraine Headaches

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I have been having headaches for some time now and they have increased overtime. I have also had the occasional numbness in my left hand side and sometimes shakey hands (which have stopped for sometime now). I have seen three neurologists and done MRI all have proved that I do not have anything.

They then suspect Complicated Migraine but I have not responded well to medication. I recently noticed that my wisdom toth on my right hand side is bent and may be touching the nerve area. I visited a Dentist who does not do general dentistry but rather diagnosed that I had Myofascial referral patterns of pain and gave me a gadget to put in my mouth to wear as he discoverd that I clench teeth and my mouth was all sore. He advised that I could if I wanted to, remove my wisdom tooth if that is what I wanted but that he did not think that's the cause of my problem.

I see another Dentist next week. What do you think? Could the wisdom tooth have something to do with it as the device does not explain away some of the numbness I sometimes feel in my hands and some of the spasms I sometimes have. ...Ifueko in CA

Check with an oral surgeon to make sure you don't have any cysts around the wisdom tooth. Make sure you get proper x-rays of your face and neck region. Visit a chiropractor or similar doctor.

It sounds to me like you have a severe compression of your TMJoints which could be causing misalignment of your neck vertebrae, leading to some of your numbness. Your mouth gadget is a bite splint that should be relieving your symptoms. I hope your dentist made you a proper splint.

I would recommend a Gelb appliance to relieve your pain. You also need physical therapy and a consult with a neurologist or physical medicine specialist. You're on the right track, you just need more tests. The x-rays are critical for a proper diagnosis. Make sure you find someone who can take proper TMJ x-rays!

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