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Can my gums be repaired?: During pregnancy I developed periodontal disease that went untreated.

Two of my bottom teeth became detached from my permanent bottom retainer (after braces) and started to become loose. 7 years ago I found a dentist that reattached the teeth to the retainer.

I recently went to a periodontist that said the splint was doing a good enough job to stabilize the teeth, but I need laser therapy to help cure the periodontal disease, no mention of repair to gum line.

Can my gum line be repaired? ...Visitor from NY

The PerioLase is the technology of choice for promoting periodontal reattachment of mobile or loose teeth.

Tunnel grafting (with Alloderm, for example) is a treatment that involves inserting graft material "within" the gum tissue that can create dramatic changes in gum tissue quality and quantity along a span of teeth.

Whether or not you would be a candidate for that procedure would have to be evaluated by a Periodontist who has the experience in using the procedure. Here is a video of the procedure, as performed by Dr Edward Brant, in Long Island.


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