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Gum Grafting Ask The Periodontist Marie Schweinebraten Question:
Pediatric gum graft: I am concerned with my three year old.

She hit her mouth on a window sill three weeks ago and tore up her gum tissue over her front left tooth on the top. The entire root is exposed and its quite awful looking.

I took her to see a periodontist today. They told me they wanted to just see how she does over the next month but even if it heals some that she will always have some recession there.

I asked about a gum graft as that is what her dentist reccomended. The periodontist told me she couldn't do one on a three year old. Please advise. Is that true or should I take her elsewhere? ...Visitor from TX

Unless there was a significant amount of tissue actually lost during the incident, I don't believe I would consider a graft.

There is plenty of time when your child is older to consider this if necessary. Most likely in 2 or 3 years the tooth will be lost and when the new one erupts, it will bring the tissue with it.

Marie C. Schweinebraten, DMD
Atlanta Periodontist
2925 Premiere Parkway
Duluth, GA 30097
(770) 623-0930

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