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Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)

Advancements in Periodontal Tissue Regeneration

Membranes have been used in jawbone grafting and gingiva grafting for quite some time now and almost routinely in many implant surgery treatments.

Oral surgeons, periodontists, implantologists and dental surgeons have access to a variety of specialty membranes including Collagen Membrane, PTFE Membranes, resorbable Collagen Membranes, Polymer Membranes, and GTR Membranes.

Cytoplast Membranes, pictured here, are a popular choice with dentists and surgeons for creating or modifying tissue properties needed for a wide range of oral health circumstances.

Membranes can be ordered in many different sizes and configurations from several different suppliers to match requirements for small surgical areas or large.

A Titanium reinforced membrane has been developed that increases cellular attachment by 250%.

Jawbone Reconstruction - Implant Surgery - Dentures

Tooth replacement can involve the use of implants, bridgework and denture prosthetics. Hard and soft tissue loss due to disease, infection, resorption, difficult extractions, trauma and the routine process of total edentulation affects patients differently.

Individual patient medical and dental histories including ongoing medication regimens also influence "loss issues" and can cause special considerations for regenerating need tissues.

Inion GTR Membranes
Special membrane products that address the needs of a large scale grafting procedure are also used by accomplished implant surgeons and periodontists have been created to assure greater homogeneity in the use of tissue graft matrix.

The Inion product line has preformed membranes for a variety of graft surgery needs, including a hybrid membrane that provides a graft solution for a newly edentulated jaw.

Inion Graft Membrane
The creative and selective use of GTR membranes allows the surgeon to control the growth rates (and direction of growth) of bone tissue and soft tissues. Gingiva growth, if uncontrolled, can interfere with the growth of new bone tissue... which can be critical in reconstructive implant dentistry.

Receding Gums Tissue Grafting

Tissue harvesting, typically from the roof of the mouth, is a popular method of providing biocompatible healthy tissue for treating gum recession. For healthy patients, it is the procedure of choice.

For details of yet another advancement in GTR Membrane that can provide the quantity of tissue needed by some patients, click here.

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