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FAQ:  Gag Reflex

Can 5 year old upper dentures that never caused gagging but now do be relined or repaired to cease the gagging?

It sounds as if something is causing your denture to shift into a position that elicits the gag response.

The cause could be related to wear and tear on the denture, tissue changes or perhaps changes in your bite and occlusion.

Once your dentist determines the cause, adjustments can be made accordingly .. which may or may not include a denture relining.

Many denture wearers elect to use mini implants or implant hybrids (sized larger than a mini but smaller than traditional) that enable the denture to be modified. Excess acrylic that typically covers the roof of the mouth is trimmed off, along with other areas of the prosthetic.

The end result is an upper denture that looks like a fixed bridge but is removable. Rubber O-rings enable the denture to be snapped into place.

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