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FAQ:  Gag Reflex

Sedation and Gag Reflex: For starters, I am a real wimp when it comes to dentists. I have several teeth, very much in need of care.

The problem is not the pain...but the gag reflex. I can not even get a cleaning or x-rays. I thought I would try sedation dentistry. Will sedation dentistry be the way to go? ... Visitor from NJ

Yes, sedation dental care will allow you to complete your needed care easily, comfortably and with little memory of the appointment.

You should not be embarrassed or frustrated with your feelings about having dental care done. Approximately 80 million people in United States avoid going to the dentist due to fear or dental phobia.

In your case having a severe gag reflex only compounds your fear and embarrassment when you're at the dental office. The sedation medications that are used will eliminate your gag reflex and help you to get your needed care done.

Conscious sedation, achieved through either oral or IV methods is the answer in completing your care.

Editorial Staff

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